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CT LIC: 0198631-E1

Electrician Southington Apple Valley Electric has countless services
We provide service to homeowners, businesspeople, towns and corporations
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Many things that we depend on both day and night require a properly working electrical system. Safety and energy efficiency are also important to us at Apple Valley Electric. We respond to  emergency calls  and are on time for other appointments.
We troubleshoot problems, make recommendations and get the repairs done quickly.  We work with builders of with new construction projects and renovations. We do upgrades, repairs and new installations in residences. The photos on the left show some of the places where people depend on electricity. We perform the following services:
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Electric Outlets
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Electric Meters
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Pools and Hot Tubs
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Transformers
  • Automations
  • Fire Alarms
  • Wiring for Motors
  • Fiber Optics for Phone and Internet

Apple Valley Electric is a licensed and insured electrician in based in Southington that services customers all over the state of Connecticut.
Home Sellers
and Buyers

House for sale with owners
Many homes that were built before the 1980s still have electric panels with fuses. Fuses must be upgraded to circuit breakers (usually by the seller) before a potential buyer can obtain a loan from a bank or a housing program such as the VA or CHFA.